Pinewood Derby Results

The PWD committee wants to thank all the scout families for participating and making the PWD a positive event. Thanks so much for all the parent volunteers on both Friday and Saturday. And a special thanks to Michiel Kouwenhoven and Jim Cardenas for announcing and entertainment during the PWD.

Our pack had 2 different classes (family and scout). Each participant had 3 separate heats/races against others in their class. We specifically run 3 heats so the cars race once in each different lane of the track. The slowest of the 3 heat times is eliminated. The other 2 heat times are averaged out and this average time is how everyone is ranked/placed.

Grab the complete race results here.

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Blue and Gold Dinner

Blue & Gold Dinner (February Pack meeting) This is our annual Pack dinner to celebrate the Anniversary of Scouting and the bridging of our Webelos 2 cub scouts transitioning to Boy Scouts. We will also have a silent auction cake contest so please pull out your Scout’s creative baking hat and help them get inspired to create a masterpiece for the auction. We have an open theme this year for the cakes/baked goodies, so sky’s the limit! Important note that ALL ATTENDEES must have a ticket to attend the Blue & Gold Dinner.

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January Pack Meeting – Minute to Win It!

During our January Pack meeting (1/18 @ 7pm) we will put our Scouts to the 60 second challenge in the Pack 700 Minute to Win It Night! We’re looking forward to a evening of fun and silliness as they try to thread macaroni on spaghetti noodles, carefully balance ping pong balls on spoons, create plastic cup pyramids and participate in bubble races. We surely have some pros in our Pack and can’t wait to see their natural talents come out! Hope to see you all there!
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Get Ready to Race at Pinewood Derby!

The 2017 Pinewood Derby (PWD) is just around the corner and will be at El Toro Elementary school this year. Two important dates to remember.

– Car check-in: Fri January 27, 6:00 – 8:00pm

All participating cars must be checked in at this time! You can not race your car if it is not checked in.

– Pinewood Derby Race Day: Sat January 28, 2017, 9:00 – 11:30am

We still need volunteers to assist with a few different items:

1) Help with Check-in night, setting up venue, assemble track, assist with check-in counter, last minute car mods, etc.(4-6 volunteers)
2) We need 1-2 volunteers to coordinate coffee/donut/breakfast snack item donations and sales for the day of PWD.
3) 4-6 people to help on event day with launch ramp, handing out cars, operating race software, and of course cleanup crew.

Please let Gary Nunes know if you would like to help out and make PWD a successful event for your scout. He would like to have volunteers identified by our next Pack meeting on Jan 18.

Please check out the PWD rules which will govern how the cars are to be constructed and judged during check-in for compliance.

See you at the finish line!

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