January Pack Meeting – Minute to Win It!

During our January Pack meeting (1/18 @ 7pm) we will put our Scouts to the 60 second challenge in the Pack 700 Minute to Win It Night! We’re looking forward to a evening of fun and silliness as they try to thread macaroni on spaghetti noodles, carefully balance ping pong balls on spoons, create plastic cup pyramids and participate in bubble races. We surely have some pros in our Pack and can’t wait to see their natural talents come out! Hope to see you all there!
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Get Ready to Race at Pinewood Derby!

The 2017 Pinewood Derby (PWD) is just around the corner and will be at El Toro Elementary school this year. Two important dates to remember.

– Car check-in: Fri January 27, 6:00 – 8:00pm

All participating cars must be checked in at this time! You can not race your car if it is not checked in.

– Pinewood Derby Race Day: Sat January 28, 2017, 9:00 – 11:30am

We still need volunteers to assist with a few different items:

1) Help with Check-in night, setting up venue, assemble track, assist with check-in counter, last minute car mods, etc.(4-6 volunteers)
2) We need 1-2 volunteers to coordinate coffee/donut/breakfast snack item donations and sales for the day of PWD.
3) 4-6 people to help on event day with launch ramp, handing out cars, operating race software, and of course cleanup crew.

Please let Gary Nunes know if you would like to help out and make PWD a successful event for your scout. He would like to have volunteers identified by our next Pack meeting on Jan 18.

Please check out the PWD rules which will govern how the cars are to be constructed and judged during check-in for compliance.

See you at the finish line!

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USS Hornet Scout Overnight – March 11, 2017

WELCOME ABOARD PACK 700!  Get ready for Adventure and FUN!

Spend the night on the USS HORNET as junior crew members!

  • Meet interesting, and sometimes famous, people
  • Participate in the Aviation, Radio or Space Exploration Merit Badge Program
  • Sleep in restored berthing compartments where the real HORNET crew lived
  • Enjoy dinner and breakfast in the Crew’s Mess
  • Learn about this famous aircraft carrier’s daring exploits
  • Explore the key areas in the ship and the historical naval aircraft on board
  • Learn about NASA’s Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 space missions that put the first humans on the moon
  • Ride the flight simulator – experience what it’s like to catapult and fly from the carrier
  • Play shipboard games and hear sea stories
  • Participate in night watch
  • Earn a special crewmember patch & certificate!
  • Ample Free Parking

$70 per person. This price includes dinner and breakfast in the original crew’s mess hall, personalized tours, a ride in the flight simulator, a commemorative patch, and a certificate & coupon for a future visit! Remember to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and toothbrush!

Adult Leader/Camper Ratio
Groups with children age 9 or younger must be accompanied by an adult at a 1:1 ratio. Children must be supervised at all times. Be prepared to organize into parent/youth teams for crew assignments.

Sleeping Areas and other Facilities
Each group is assigned bunks in the ship’s berthing compartments. You will probably share the compartment with another group. Female guests may choose to sleep in a separate compartment. Please make your group aware they may experience normal ship noises, such as creaks and groans during the night.

Equipment to Bring
The berthing compartments are equipped with canvas covered “racks” with foam mattresses. Each person should bring a pillow, sleeping bag, and extra blanket in cold weather, toiletries, hand towel, flashlight, a jacket, and a warm hat in cold weather. Scouts are encouraged to wear their CLASS A uniforms.

Please do not bring
Electronic devices, including hairdryers; laser pointers; knives; open flame devices, including lighters and matches; or food items*.

A limited number of lockers are available to share in the berthing compartments. Each group can bring several locks to secure their valuables and personal belongings. The Aircraft Carrier Hornet Foundation is NOT responsible for loss of personal items.

Arrival Time & Location

The Hornet is at 707 West Hornet Avenue, Pier 3, Alameda Point, Alameda California 94501


Plan to meet your group and organize on the pier by 4:30pm to begin your evening program with boarding at 5:00pm.Check-In


Overnight gear is not allowed on the ship before 5:00pm and private vehicles are not allowed on the pier. Parking is available across the street and participants are expected to carry sleeping bags and other gear on board at the appointed time. The Live-Aboard Program is conducted in a fun-spirited, organized manner; falling in, stowing your gear, and following orders are all part of this unique and memorable experience.


DINNER — Salad, Entree, Mashed potatoes or pasta salad, Vegetables, Soda.

BREAKFAST — Bananas, Cereal, Pastries, Bagels, Muffins, Milk, Orange Juice, Hot Beverages

The caterer for the overnight program can provide vegetarian meals (which will need to be noted on the roster). It’s recommend that any people with food allergies, who are gluten-free, or who are lactose intolerant, or require otherwise specialized meals bring their own dinner and breakfast. There is a refrigerator and microwave that can be made available during meal times.

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Pack 700 Rechartered!

The paperwork has been completed and submitted, Pack 700 has officially been rechartered for 2017. Big thanks to all who helped and to you for getting your fees in early.

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