April Pack Meeting For Goodness Snakes!

kids and snakes dads and snakes

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It’s a Circus!

At our May 21st pack meeting we will putting a circus show for new recruits.  Den’s don’t forget to bring your top Acts!

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July 4th Parade

Pack 700 participated in the annual Forth of July Parade though Morgan Hill again this year.  It was a lot of fun with a repeat visit of our red, white, and blue float courtesy of Mike F.!  Thanks Mike!

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Let’s Eat Pancakes!

Join Pack 700 at the annual Lion’s Pancake Breakfast.  It will be held Sunday, January 8th, 8:00AM – 12:00 PM at the Morgan Hill CRC in the Senior Center Masonic Hall at 380 W. Dunne Ave in Morgan Hill.  Scouts from the Pack help the Lion’s, our charter organization, with setting up and bussing tables and any other help they may need.  Plus… it’s pancakes!  Who doesn’t love pancakes?  See you there!  Tickets are $10, and $4 for seniors and kids (Over 60 or under 12).  Children under 3 ar free.

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Pack 700 is ramping up for another great year of scouting!  Many dens have already had their first den meeting! Our first pack meeting is on September 21st at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center.
If you are interested in joining Cub Scouts, or just looking to get some questions answered, please stop by.  Our pack meetings are from 7PM to 8PM the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Or Go Here to contact our Cubmaster by email.

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Rocket Derby Fun!

Our annual water rocket derby was a blast!  Pack 700, new scouts, and even a few folks just passing by the park launched water and air rockets at our annual rocket derby.  The scouts, siblings, and guests, contruct a rocket from a plastic soda bottle, some poster board, and packing tape.  Water and air are used to propel the rockets up to 100′ or more!  The kids learn a little physics, and what happens when they change things like nose cones, fin placement, and how much water they put in the bottle.  Plus it is just a lot of fun!

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Mission Control Resumes Countdown…


Our annual Water Rocket Derby blast off will be Sunday, June 26th at 1PM, at Paradise Park.  Pack 700 Scouters and anyone interested in joining scouting should come out for this really fun event!  Please bring a 16-20 oz carbonated beverage bottle to use in the construction of your rocket.  That’s right!  You build your own rocket!  The walls of regular water bottles are too thin and will burst when pressurized for launch (It looks spectacular, but makes for a very short flight time).

We will provide the other materials for rocket construction, paper board for tubes, packing tape, scissors, stickers, markers, and the materials for fins and a cone.  Siblings are also welcome.

Bring your bottle, a folding chair, some sun screen, and maybe a snack and something to drink, so you can enjoy the event.

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Summer Activities!

Check out our list of activities this summer!  The water rocket derby will be rescheduled soon.  It is shaping up to be a very fun Summer of Scouting!

June-July – Cub/Webelos Day, Twilight, and Resident Camps
June 25 – Raging Waters Boy/Cub Scout Challenge Family Day!
June 25 – Scout Night at the San Jose Giants Stadium
July 4 – Morgan Hill 4th of July Parade
July 9 – San Jose Earthquakes Scout Night
July 29 – San Jose Giants Baseball Night
September – 16-18 Pack 700 Family Camp at Big Sur!
October 10 – Gilroy Gardens Boy/Cub Scout Overnight

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Water Rocket Derby Rain Delayed

The rocket derby is postponed due to rain.  A new date will be choosen later and sent out to our Yahoo Group list and will also be posted here. Check back for future updates!

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Pack 700 visits the USS Hornet

20110320-123342.jpgPack 700 visited the historic USS Hornet this weekend and participated in their awesome Over Night  Crew program. 60 scouts and parents from Pack 700 stayed aboard. There were nearly 500 scouts present. Tours of the ship include the engine room, bridge (complete with red hot-line phone), the brig, catapult room, and many other spaces that are normally off limits to regular visitors.  At the end of the evening there are also ghost stories!  You eat in the regular mess hall aboard the ship and sleep in the same birthing areas the original crew did when the ship was alive with 3,000 active crew during her long and highly decorated service.  In this photo, Christopher D stands guard over the most important piece of equipment on the bridge – the coffee machine.

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