2008 Cubmobile Extravaganza

We held our annual Cub Mobile races this past weekend in the parking lot of Jackson Elementary. As you can see from the photos, we had a great turn out! 9 dens, 9 cub mobiles, and about 50 cubs mixed it up on a perfect Sunday afternoon. We had a couple of spectacular crashes, some amazing pit-crew heroics, and even got to enjoy a tri-tip sandwich. It was a great day of racing. The cars all looked amazing! Although, at the end of the racing, some paint jobs were not quite in the same condition as when they arrived. But you know what they say… rubbing is racing! Big kudos to all the leaders and parents that helped out with the ramp, running the race, the audio and sound effects, hot dogs, sandwiches, and of course, building all those incredible cub mobiles.

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