San Jose Giants Scout Night

Its time for the  2018 San Jose Giants Scout Night! The game and campout is on Saturday, July 28th! Game time is 6pm. The first 1,000 fans will receive a “San Francisco Giants 60th Anniversary” blanket, there will be fireworks after the game & we’ll celebrate “Christmas in July” again!

Here are some other event details:

  1. The campout is for anyone who wants to stay overnight, with adult supervision, of course. Families & siblings can stay overnight, too, but anybody who will stay overnight must have the $25 campout ticket. If a family member wants to come to the game only & not stay overnight, they can purchase a GAME ONLY General Admission ticket.
  2. The movie usually starts around 11pm or so. We don’t know the movie yet.
  3. In the morning, it will be an early wake up call, likely 6-6:30am so everybody can pack up, get a light breakfast & exit the stadium by 7-7:30am.

Folks can buy their tickets at  or call Justin at 408.380.4518. If you do call, you can pick up a BBQ voucher add on which cannot be purchased online.

The San Jose Giants have also provided a flyer.


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