Popcorn Order Form

For those who would like a copy early, here is a scan of the order form.

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Last chance for Family Camp

The August Pack meeting will be your last chance to sign up for Family Camp, September 8 – 10th at Little Basin state park.

Camp registration is just $27 per parent, $18 for each child. Your fee includes food Saturday evening and Sunday Morning. Lots of cool events are planned with advancements in mind, so don’t miss out!

Grab a copy of the Signup form , the AB Medical form, fill them out and sign them and bring them to the Pack meeting this Weds.

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August Pack Meeting

The first meeting of fall will be August 23 at the community center, from 7-8pm. Please come a little early, so we can be ready to start at 7.   Scouts who are in their seats by 7pm and wearing their Class A uniform will receive a raffle ticket.  New scouts should plan on attending and we will be discussing the popcorn fundraiser and family camp. See you there!

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Popcorn Sales are Coming!

Popcorn sales are the primary fundraiser Pack 700 uses to underwrite all the fun things we do for the year. As a pack we could earn up to 38% of the proceeds for our use.

Typically, there are 3 ways you can sell popcorn:  Online sales, show & sell (store front sales), show & deliver (door to door sales). Online popcorn sales can begin 8/1 (starting on 8/1 is not necessary but it is the earliest date). You’ll need to open and setup on online seller’s account to sell online. All other sales begin 9/8-10.

Did you know you could help fund your scouts college education thru popcorn sales? There exists a College Scholarship Program for scouts first sell $2,500 to enter the program, and then 6% of their sales every year after is put into their program account.

More info to come.

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